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    Shenzhen Angel are China Wal-Mart and Carrefour 12 years water machine supplier. Shenzhen Angel had build over hundred of water filling plant for Government organization, high school, university, Armed Police Force. We have a team of 52 experienced technicians for installation and maintenance, which helps ensure the high quality of our filling machinery and top-ranking service as well.

    Why Choose Us
  • Professional Drawing

    1. Drawing bottle according customer’s sample bottle
    2. We have painted most of the world’s bottle and have a detail bottle database for customer choice
    3. Professional drawing the water filling plant layout according customer’s factory drawing.

    Professional Drawing
  • Quality Assurance

    Shenzhen Angel’s water filling machinery, bottle labeling machine, bottle package machine, water purification equipment has received ISO9001:2000. Pet blow molding machine have CE certification.We adhere to the tenet of providing “Quality Products, Excellent Service, and Competitive Prices”,and we are looking forward to even greater relationships with overseas customers, based on mutual benefits.

    Quality Assurance
  • Oversea Installation

    Any machine purchased from us, we will provide necessary technical support. We will send engineers team to installation or solve the problem with the buyer providing proper accommodation, all the fees for transportation,insurance and medicines, and tea cost $60/day for our engineers*1.

    Oversea Installation
3-IN-1 Bottle Filling Machine3-IN-1 Bottle Filling Machine3-IN-1 Bottle Filling Machine

3-IN-1 Bottle Water Filling Machine
It collects washing, filling and capping together. It is mainly suitable for round or square plastic bottles.
Volume of Bottle: 200—2000ml;
Drink Kind: Mineral Water, Pure Water;

4-10Liter Bottle Filling Machine4-10Liter Bottle Filling Machine4-10Liter Bottle Filling Machine

3-10L Bottle Water Filling Machine
It is one kind of wide-used, high-automatic, operation reliable and convenient bottled water filling line.
Volume of Bottle: 3-10Liter
Production: 400-1500Bottles/Hour

3/5 Gallon Bottle Filling Machine3/5 Gallon Bottle Filling Machine3/5 Gallon Bottle Filling Machine

3/5 Gallon Jar Water Filling Machine
Its perfectly design can effectively ensure the bottled water product’s quality.
Volume of Bottle: 3-5Gallon
Production: 60-900Bottles/Hour

Sachet Filling MachineSachet Filling MachineSachet Filling Machine

Sachet Water Filling Machine
It is makes use of a single layer of PE plastic film to filling and sealing the water.
Volume of Bag: 200-500ml
Production: 2000Bags/Hour

Water Bottling PlantWater Bottling PlantWater Bottling Plant

1000BPH Semiautomatic Bottle Water Filling Line
1600BPH Semiautomatic Bottled Water Plant
1800-2000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Line
3000-4000BPH Water Filling Line
5000-6000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Plant
8000-9000BPH Automatic Water Bottling Line
Small-bottle(0.2-2Liter) water bottling line accomplish whole process from blowing bottle,water purify, washing, filling, capping, labeling, printing, packing.
Capacity Scale of Bottle: 200—2000ml;
Drink Kind: Mineral Water, Spring Water,Pure Water, Fruit Juice, Wine and other no-gas liquid.
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3/5 Gallon Bottled Water Filling Line 
3/5 Gallon bottled water filling line is an ideal bottling line for mineral water filling, spring water filling, distilled water filling and purified water filling process. It can bottling 10L,19L,20L plastic PET or PC bottle water. It is fully automatic barrel water filling line.
Capacity Scale of Bottle: 3Gallon—5Gallon or 10-20Liter
Capacity of Production: 60-900Bottles/Hour
Drink Kind: Mineral Water, Spring Water, Pure Water.
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