PET preform

Bottle Preform is the shape of a bottle before forming, its tube wall thick and high transparency, and can be used in general plastic bottle cap sealing, plus the unbreakable, can lay on the table, you can do a lot of replacing the tube uses.

Bottle embryo formation
Bottle with hot runner mold, mold and injection molding machine template have the best insulation board, the thickness of about 12mm, and the heat insulation plate can bear high pressure. The exhaust must be adequate, so as to prevent local overheating or fragmentation, but its vent depth generally not more than 0.03mm, otherwise easily lead to flash.

Bottle embryo production technology
Bottle quality depends on the supply bottle embryo quality, preform injection molding is divided into two kinds, one is long, the other one is the short rubber export. Domestic bottle manufacturers choose short mouth plastic bottle embryo more, and abroad selection of rubber export more. Long mouth bottle embryo as the bottom of the glue outlet was cut off, in the blowing process so that tension is evenly distributed, so blown bottle quality will be better, in addition the cut-away portion can be recycled, so to save the cost of raw materials, the oil resource shorts increasingly today, domestic manufacturers would be more inclined to long mouth bottle. In the production process of preform quality control depends on the bottle during transport to avoid scratching the degree of control.

preform design