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Sachet Water Filling Machine or named pouch filling machine is widely used for package water into plastic bag. It make use of a single layer o f PE film as packaging materials. The pouch filling machine automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, it is able to precisely fill, seal and cut at one time. It is easy to operate and run smoothly with good performance and low failure rate.

Technical Parameters

Production: 1500~2200B/H
Volume: 100~500ml/B
Filling precision: ±1%
Bag PE Film width: 240mm or 320mm (optional or choose others)
Motor power: Singel phrase, Three phrases 1.1KW
Vertical hot seal: 0.3KW
Horizontal hot seal: 0.5KW
UV sterilizer lamp: 1.5KW
Power supply: AC220V/Hz or AC380V(three phrases)
Weight: 360kg
Normal Type Sachet Filling Machine Dimension(L×W×H): 750*700*1700mm
Pouch Filling Machines With photocell monitoring type Dimension(L×W×H): 750*700*1700mm


1. Bag (sachet )-forming
2. UV sterilization
3. Thermal vertical sealing
4. Date lamination
5. Linear bag traction
6. quantitative filling
7. Thermal transverse sealing
8. Bag-cutting
9. Automatic counting

liquid packaging machineHow to drink a sachet / pouch product?
Sachet / pouches may be torn open from the corner and poured or a provided straw may be inserted into the sachet / pouch.
What’s the difference between photocell monitoring sachet packaging machine and none photocell monitoring water pouch packing machine?
Photocell monitoring sensors are used to identify the marks on the sachet / pouch printing to make sure each product is in the same look, while the none photocell monitoring can only cut and seal in the preset length.
Where can I find the source of consumables, say PE film?
To save shipping freight, we would recommend our customers to find the PE film locally, but we also offer PE film including printing at a competitive price, and if you are into the most popular sachet / pouch pure/mineral water business, we can also offer you a total solution including the water treatment, sachet / pouch filling machines, packaging plastic material and even factory design. Pls consult our sales engineer for more info.