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NEP-S1 Sachet Water Filling Machine (Normal)

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NEP-S1 Sachet Water Filling Machine (With Photocell Monitoring)

NEP-S1 liquid bag packaging machine  is widely used for packaging various liquid, such as pure water,city water, mineral water,spring water, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, ice drink, soy sauce, vinegar and wine, etc. The sachet filling machine makes use of a single layer of PE film as packaging materials. The pouch filling machine automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, it is able to precisely fill, seal and cut at one time. The liquid filling machine is easy to operate and run smoothly with good performance and low failure rate.

Les parties de traitement de cette ensacheuse automatique sont toutes fabriquées en acier inox.Le remplissage de pompe, la fermeture thermique, la fixation de la taille de sac, l’emballage,la régulation de température, la fermeture et encore d’autres processus sont commodes et fiables.Fermeture en dos, capable d’imprimer la date de production. Elle utilise le plastique polyéthylène.Elle convient à emballer la sauce de soja, le vinaigre, vin de cuisine, vin, l’alcool désinfectant,le jus de fruit, lait,yaourt, lait de soja et autres produits liquides.

Technical Parameters

Water Pouch Packing Machine Capacity of Production: 1500~2200B/H
Pouch Packing Machine Packing Volume: 100~500ml/B
Filling precision: ±1%
Bag PE Film width: 240mm or 320mm (optional or choose others)
Motor power: Singel phrase, Three phrases 1.1KW
Vertical hot seal: 0.3KW;
Horizontal hot seal: 0.5KW
UV sterilizer lamp: 1.5KW
Power supply: AC220V/Hz or AC380V(three phrases)
The weight of the Sachet Water Packing Machine: 360kg
Normal Type Sachet Filling Machine Dimension(L×W×H): 750*700*1700mm
Pouch Filling Machines With photocell monitoring type Dimension(L×W×H): 750*700*1700mm


1. Bag (sachet )-forming
2. UV sterilization
3. Thermal vertical sealing
4. Date lamination
5. Linear bag traction
6. quantitative filling
7. Thermal transverse sealing
8. Bag-cutting
9. Automatic counting

Sachet Packing Machine


sachet water packing machine and are generally used as filling machines for milk, juice, beverage, soybean milk and wine, etc.

AS Sachet Filling Machine


pouch filling machine


Operation Gist 

1.The pouch filling and sealing machine installs at aeration and dry place, is full of sunshine, makes it stable. This automatic filling machine can fix four feet if neccessary

2.The tube which is going to fill material fills full of water (or 75 Calcohol),the rubber tube cover the material out(avoid horinzon seal copper cake and then lead to sewer or recycle .The bagging equipment takes 5-10minites to wash pipe while starting the machine.It makes sure to reach the standard of food sanitation.

3.The plastic rool insert to the wheel, and adjust the central line, and make sure the same width when the roll is molding. Then screw the bolt separately. It is good through adjusting the pole of spring stress, ration automatically sway automatically. It is the best for braking well.

4.The sack pass through the tube, then buckle shaped utensil to make sure the strip symmetry. Date adjust to the daily date from up to down yearXX monthXX dayXX.

The vertical hot seal temperature adjusts to 120~150℃,the horizonal seal temperature adjusts to 180~240℃(No more than260℃, or the head of hot seal film is easy to damage),the exact temperature will be adjusted according to the film material and thickness.It can start to fill after pre-heat 20 minites, then it can produce continuously as long as the power is not off.

5.This Sachet Packaging Machine can get the length of sack through adjusting the positon of pole on the winch.Adjusting-in is short, adjusting-out is long. First the power is off, then adjust. First loosen nut then adjust knob. Screw down the nut before starting the machine.

6.The sachet water filling machine can get the filling volumn throught adjusting ration pump on the winch. Adjusting-in is reduced, adjusting-out is enlarged. The same method with 5.5.

7.The piston is adjustable module. When it used for a peroid, if it is found the piston pole droped, you could loosen the screw on the end piston. Screw piston clockwise, it makes piston large and it will eliminate the phenomonon of drop. ( Note: the adjusting must be small, or the piston is easy to damage). Screw down the screw to prevent loosening after adjusting.

8.The liquid sachet filling machine is ok to press the button and no need workers when it works. The output will show automatically by the counter. The the film is used up, it need to stop at once, and change into another film, then provide liquid and the machine starts.

The PE Bag Water Packing Machine needs to pre-treat and filter when the solid substances is more in the tube which fill the liqui.When the vertical and horizonal seal no viscidity is worn after a peroid, it may loosen the tube to adjust. The bag filling machine can work after screwing down.( it is useless to adjust when it is worn completely). The liquid in the tube can not be more than 0.5meters to insure the precision. The bag filling machines can not be close when starts the machine, and when it has control valve in the liquid pipe.

9.Inspect the vertical and horizonal seal copper cake in a certain time, and clean up the sundries. Or the small bag filling machine will affect the hot sealing. The bag filling and sealing machine  can not be cleaned with metal tool and sand paper, or it will damage the surface and can not work. The bag filling machinery should be cleaned with cloth or wooden organic solvent after the temperature is down, and clean up the sundries.

10.The bag packing machine should rub methylsilicone oil on the vertical and horizonal seal cloth with a certain time, in order to prolong the life of no viscidity cloth and increase the hot sealing.(methylsilicone oil model:210~350CS)。

11.When it appears non-well seal, one sack connects another sack, leakage etc. it forbids pick it up with hands and kinds of tools. The liquid filling machinery should be stoped at once.

12.The automatic bag filling machines is the best condition of all the programme and dimension before delivery. If it needs experienced technician to maintenance, and write down the dimension, then it can take down.


How to drink a sachet / pouch product?
Sachet / pouches may be torn open from the corner and poured or a provided straw may be inserted into the sachet / pouch.

What’s the difference between photocell monitoring sachet packaging machine and none photocell monitoring water pouch packing machine?

Photocell monitoring sensors are used to identify the marks on the sachet / pouch printing to make sure each product is in the same look, while the none photocell monitoring can only cut and seal in the preset length.

Where can I find the source of consumables, say PE film?
To save shipping freight, we would recommend our customers to find the PE film locally, but we also offer PE film including printing at a competitive price, and if you are into the most popular sachet / pouch pure/mineral water business, we can also offer you a total solution including the water treatment, sachet / pouch filling machines, packaging plastic material and even factory design. Pls consult our sales engineer for more info.

Normal Type Pouch Filling Machine Install Teaching Video

Pouch Filling Machine with photocell monitoring Install Teaching Video

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