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Mini 0.2-2Liter Bottle Water Filling Machine

Water bottling machine linera type automatic accomplish whole process from washing, negative pressure, filling, settle cap, buckle cap till screw cap. It is the most bottle water company first water filling machine to start bottled water business.

Its speed can reach 2000 bottles per hour. Mean 34 bottles per min. Its every machine still made use of rotation Technology. Every bottle respective washing filling capping do not need waiting .

It is widely used for filling all kinds of plastic or glass bottles of gas containing drink or no gas drink.

It has the advantages of reasonable mechanical structure, stable in moving, good in feature, easy operation and maintenance, widely used.

Product details:

Driven typeMotor
Washing Valves 12psc
Filling Valves12psc
Capping Valves 1psc
Capacity 2000Bottles/h
Filling Bottle Size200ml to 2000ml
Materials Stainless steel
Voltage 380v/3phase/50hz and 220v/3phase/60hz (Other need specially order)

Bottled Water Filling Machine Included

Bottle washer

QS-12 Auto Bottle Washer

It is one of the most versatile medium speed bottle rinser. It can use in an lot industry like water and beverage. It is designed to effectively internally washing up to 3,000 small bottles per hour or 50 bottles per minute. It’s ideal for rinsing bottles ranging in size from 12oz (335ml) up to 2liters. It is easy change bottle size through change an shape mold. Only need an few minutes and do not need else tool.

Pressure filler

CY-12 Normal Pressure Filler

CY-12 Normal Pressure Filler is an automatic system. Its capacity of production is 3,000 bottles per hour. It can provides maximum versatility to keep pace with the demands of your operation. It is designed and built to operate multiple shifts with a minimum of the maintenance and does not requir highly skilled operators.The stae-of-the-art design and components offer maximum performance,reliability and versatility to fill from 335ml up to 2liter bottle.

Screw capper

FXZ-1 Screw Capper

is an bottle capping systems. At first, the filled water bottle go into the the build-in bottles spacing unit. The bottle sapcing unit will precise and constant bottle spacing. The correct spaceing ensures that every caps are applied consistently with the most accurate alignment possible. The worker need moved an box cap to the cap hopper for cap appliation prepare.

Layout of the water bottling machine linear type

Firstly, it need workers insert plastic bottle on the conveyor belt or unscrambler. If you want use unscrambler which need additional purchase.

Secondly, the conveyor belt will conveyor the empty plastic bottle to washing part machine. The washing part machine will catch the mouth of the plastic bottle. Then filp the plastic bottle 180degree and pushing pure water into the inside of the plastic bottle. It total have 12psc washing head.

Thirdly, the conveyor belt will conveyor the washing well bottle to the filling machine, The filling machine will filler pure water into the plastic bottle. And filler just enough well water according setting. It have 12psc filling head.

Fourthly, the conveyor belt will conveyor the filler well bottle water to the capping part machine, The capping machine just have one capper head. It will automatic screw an cap on the bottled water and finished bottling process. The final bottled water is an completely bottled water without label only.

Start bottled water business with an low invest bottling machine

Its advantage is simple and cheap. Complete water bottling machine just cost $9000. It is very mature machine that over 30years. Every spare part quality is good.

Simple and cheap

A lot bottled water company start the bottled water business with this machine before. When bottled water company grow up and sell it at second filling machine market.

It help an lot bottle water company start from zero. Even an lot bottled water company still running it over 20years.

A lot worker and engineer know how to use it and maintain. Simple and cheap are this machine soul. Take room and speed slow is this machine disadvantage.

Complete set included

  • 1 SET QS-12 Auto Bottle Washer
  • 1 SETCY-12 Normal Pressure Filler
  • 1 SET FXZ-1 Screw Capper
  • 7 METER Conveyor Belt
  • 1 SET Conveyor Motor
  • 1 SET Empty Bottle Table
  • 1 SET Finished Bottled Water Table

Video of the bottled water filling machine

Washing, filling and capping are rotate. So every unit running do not need stop and waiting other machine working. It is continued running and speed is the really capacity.