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What is bottle auto making machine?

It blowing the PET preform into plastic PET bottle. It is mainly use to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral/pure water bottle, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle and so on.

It have an auto preform loading equipment which will automatic loading and conveyor preform to heating system.

Made use of the lamp heating preform into idea temperature and go into the mold.

Then the blowing system will blowing the preform to be an plastic bottle depend on mold.

It is an popular use smart bottle making machine.

Different type auto bottle blowing machine for choice

Start a plastic bottle company

A lot bottled water company is blowing plastic preform themselves and buy preform as materials. Because preform is strong and small, It freight cost little and do not easy damage druring the freight.

Preform take small room. One paper box can filler 500psc preform and like one container can filler 1millions preform. Like empty platisc bottle take big room. One container just can filler 0.1million piece. So that preform freight can save large number cost rather than plastic bottle.

Manufacturer plastic bottle save freight cost

Some bottled water company buy plastic bottle from bottle blowing company. The plastic bottle inside is empty which easy damage during the freight. What’s more, it is take room which freight cost high.

The empty plastic bottle will touch too long air during the freight. The air is an pollution for food indurstry.

Own an bottle making machine is necessary for most bottle water company. It have three advantage. Save freight cost, reduce bottle compression deformation and reduce the pollution by freight.

How does PET bottle blowing machine work?

1.Preform heating in a special preform heater.
2.Opening of the blow mould (by closing unit) and insertion of the preform.
3.Closing of the blow mould.
4.Bottle stretching and blowing.
5.Opening of the mould and transport of the finished bottle to the exit conveyor.
6.Bottle prepared to transport.

Video of operate and manual for auto plastic pet bottle blowing making machine

Main Machine List

  • Auto Blow Molding Machine
  • Preform unscrambler
  • Blow Mold (250-2000ml)
  • Air tube & Spare parts

Necessary Auxiliary Equipment List

  • High Pressure Air Compressor
  • LP Air Compressor
  • Air Dryer with 2psc air filter
  • Air Tank
  • Mould Chiller
High pressure air compressor is offer air for blowing plastic bottle. Because the plastic bottle food grade inquire, The air must clean and not dirty inside of the plastic bottle. So that air must filter and dryer. 
Air tank is storage air of HP air compressor offer
Then air go through air filter , air dryer and air filter again. 
Then clean air go into bottle blowing machine for blowing plastic bottle
The Low pressure air compressor offer air for machine operate. 
Preform loading machine is auto loading preform and unscrabler to the blowing part 
Mold chiller is used to cooling the mold so that it will not high temperature lead damage bottle. 


Can we produce different bottle in one blow molding machine?

Yes. It only need change different blow mold so that can produce different plastic bottle in one blowing machine. Every time cost 2hours.

Do it complete machine ?

Every blow molding machine sales by neptune is an complete. No passport, no need extra machine. You buy it back and connect with electricity, putting preform, then it can produce plastic bottle. Do not need you buy extra machine. But you need do well of electricity according your local condition. Also you can buy generator power and wire line from us.