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What is 2-5L Semiautomatic Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machine ?

Volume of product:5L
Production capacity:300-600BPH.
2-5L Semiautomatic pet bottle blow molding machine can produce PET containers including the bottles for kinds of wine, drink,soybean, vinegar, and pesticide (less than 5liters) according to the different bottle shape and diameter. It has automobile system with high efficiency. The distant infrared ray heat pipe are used in the machine ,It has high pressure protection with the feature of precisely removing mould ,The machine has no noise ,It is easy to maintain ,It’s the equipment for producing PET bottles.

Oil bottle

The oil bottle also popular use pet bottle. And oild bottle usually 2-10liter volume. Mouth size different with water bottle. But for machine is easy to setting.

Technique Parameter :
Product material PET
Volume 0.1L-5L
Theoretical output 300-600PCS/H
Preform length 15mm-400mm
Preform inner diameter Φ10mm-160mm
Max.mould plate Dimenstion (L x W) 400x460mm
Max.mould thickness 300mm
Clamping force 65KN
Mould opening stroke 280mm
Main machine (L x W x H) 175*67*186cm
Main machine weight 600Kg
Heater (L x W x H) 187*63*145cm
Heater weight 250Kg
Power 17.5kw

Why need 2-5L Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machine ?

Own an 2-5l bottle blow molding machine. Then buy the materials. You can easy start produce plastic bottle of 2-5l and supply plastic bottle for different factory. Like water company, oil company will need a lot plastic bottle. Also you can start your own oil business with an blow molding machine, So that you can continued have 2-5l bottle to filler oil. Do not freight empty bottle which take room and freight cost high.