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What is juice & tea hot filling line

Juice and tea hot filling line is used in hot filling and bottling for green tea, black tea and juice. The design is scientific and reasonable with good-looking appearance. Its operation and maintenance is convenient and is highly automatic.It is a good equipment for hot filling drink.

What is different between juice and water bottling line?

Aseptic sterilization
(temperature control)

Pure water without anything and not easy for pollution by bacteria in the air. But juice have syrup and Nutrients. If a bacteria will pollution an bottle juice. Even the cap or bottle touch air will been pollution by air.

So that the juice hot filling line key is spuer high temperature Instantaneous sterilizer. It increase juice temperature to 135degree. And more important is other machine keep the juice tempeture at 80-90degree and filler into bottle and cap well. Then turn the bottle 360 angle. To let the juice touch inside of the cap. So that juice with high tempeture can also kill bacteria inside of the bottle.


Because juice have syrup. If closed machine long time syrup will stack the pipe. So that every time close the juice line need use hot water washing the inside of the pipe. And every time running the juice line also need use hot water washing the inside of the pipe. It need fit an CIP back washing system

Why choice hot-filling juice ?

There are two kind of juice filling in the world. Aseptic cold filling and hot filling.
Aseptic cool filling machine and factory are kept sterile, so it is not necessary to add preservatives to the beverages, and it is not necessary to perform post-sterilization after filling and sealing the beverages. Long shelf life requirements while maintaining the taste and color of the beverage. But its whole production line price total over 2millions dollar and factory need very high standard.

Hot filling: Juice is mixer in an process of sterile environment beverage equipment. Whole process is inside stainless steel tank and pipe. Its key is made use UHT high temperature instantaneous sterilization. Then cooled the juice to 90 degrees and filler the juice into the plastic bottle. The juice plastic bottle is specially materials and production process. It can standard the 90 degrees temperature.

How do hot-filling bottled juice line work?

Our concentrate juice& tea production line included the water treatment unit, blow molding machine, air conveying system, tea/fruit juice/vegetable juice preparation system (homogenizer, degasser, ultra high temperature sterilizer, CIP machine, three-in-one hot filling system, sterilizing machine, Tunnel pasteurizer, auto conveying system, air purification system, OPP/PVC labeling machine, wrap shrink packing machine, and more).

Provide whole drawing for the perform mould and bottle mould. Free charge for word design on the mould. We can help you install the machine; from setting machine, testing, and to check the machine is on the good workingcondition. There is a litter charge, only for flight charge and accommodation.

This is the RO system for producing drinking. The water supply is tap water. The water is first being removed the suspended matter, micelle and other impurity by the quartz sand filter. Then it is being got rid of the organic substance, chlorine, chromo, odor and etc by the active carbon filter and softener filter. The above device composes the consummate pretreatment system. The water which is being pretreated reaches the requirement of the RO system. So as to make the RO equipment run stably during a long period.

Sugar melting pot
Sugar Melting Pot is made of 304 Stainless Steel. It can melt the sugar to syrup by warming the tubular electric heating pipe and homogenize the syrup by motor’s mixing. This machine has both inside and outside layers, on the middle is the high quality temperature keeping material. It is the ideal equipment to melt sugar to syrup. First add water into the Sugar Melting Pot, and the water level should be about 25% of the total volume.Then pour the sugar into the machine, turn on the power and it will start to warm. After about 1 hour warming, the sugar will start to melt, at this time turn on the power to homogenize the syrup by motor’s mixing.
Syrup filter
Syrup Filter is made of 304 Stainless Steel. Inside is the pure natural tianzi cotton. Filtering by tianzi cotton is very clean and the operation is convenient. So the Syrup Filter is the ideal equipment to filter the syrup.First connect the Syrup Filter with the High Temperature Pump and Sugar Melting Pot. Then open the water pump to make the syrup in the Sugar Melting Pot filtered by the tianzi cotton in the Syrup Filter, so that the inpurity can be got tod of.
Preparation Tank
Preparation Tank is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti high quality Stainless Steel. It is composed of stack shell, cycloid pin gear reduction drive, mixing device to homogenize all the raw meterial with water. So it is an ideal equipment in drink, medicine industry, etc.
It should be sterilized by sterilizing liquid before using.(User should prepare the sterilizing liquid for themselves.) After sterilizing, wash the machine and clean out all the sterilizing liquid by filtered water.
Double Filter
Double filter use for filtering liquid
Contunous operation
Easy to replace filtering screen
High Pressure Homogenizer
The machine is the necessary key equipment for cold drink and milk drink,The pressure covers 250-60kg/M2,and the productivity covers 500-5000kg/m.The machine has filter unit to guarantee the machien operate normally.
Vacuum Dearating Machine
The deaerator is one of the necessary equipment in fruit juice or fruit tea production line.It is mainly used for deaerating the homogenized juice under vacuum condition and to prevent juice from being oxidized and then to proling the storing period of the juice.
Vertical Type Cooling & Heating Device
The device is widely used in milking and pharmaceutical industries,is necessary equiipment for heating,cooling,heat insulationg and steritizing the liquid material,It has the advantages of energy saving,noise eliminating,acid resistant,crack-proofmand easy cleaning and operating,It is also necessary equipment drink production line.

Ultra Temperature Instantaneous

Sterilizer Factory adopts advanced stainless welding techology from abroad,selecting the fine polished stainless steel tube.which had improved greatly comparing with the former productes we manufactured .There are two kinds of specification: manual control and automatic control,It is suitable for the liquid material,.such as fresh milk,fruit drink,wine,soybean milk and Chinese medicine,as well as the sticky material(For example.swear condensed milk) upon completing with high-pressure homogenizer.The information of other automatic UHT completing with aseptic packing machine is ready for you.

Vertical Type Cooling & Heating Device
The device is widely used in milking and pharmaceutical industries,is necessary equiipment for heating,cooling,heat insulationg and steritizing the liquid material,It has the advantages of energy saving,noise eliminating,acid resistant,crack-proofmand easy cleaning and operating,It is also necessary equipment drink production line.

CIP Cleaning In Place
The rinsing system is used not only to clean at site of material pipe of the industries like milk products, juice, beverage and recipients, but also to the beer and other food manufacturers.
A centrifugal pump is used in CIP to convey cleansing liquid into material pipe and equipment recipients to force the cleansing liquid to circulate to make cleaning without taking apart pipes or equipments. With the system the equipment availability can be improved and intensity of labor lessened. So the system is an advanced and ideal equipment of cleaning technology.
The detailed operation should be equipped and combined with the equipments in the plant, the layout of the pipes, the cleaning head, and so on.

Hot-filling washing filling capping machine
1.Entering and Exit Bottle Type: Straight line, that is bottle entering on the left side of the chain, bottle exit on the right side of the chain.
2.Rotational Direction of Each Machine: Clockwise;
3.Washing, Filling Pipeline: Liquid Supplying in the lower
Structural Design: The sanitary demands is thought completely in the unit.
1.The filling cylinder, filling valve and all of parts which touch the materials are all made of micro-carbon stainless steel. It has good corrosion-proof characteristics
and it is easily washed.
2.The work table is covered with stainless steel and strictly sealed to protect the driving device in the ground frame. It is helpful for washing table and keep clean.
Filling Quality: High-speed, high-quality filling valve ensure good filling quality.
1.Filling Valve used in RCGF Type Washing, Filling, Capping (Three-in-One) Unit has high filling efficiency. Its registered filling speed is 125ml/s, no filling loss, no
leak in exhausting pipe.
2.The liquid level in bottle controls correctly. Its height error is different with the bottle neck diameter. Normally, it does not surpass ±5mm.
3.Filling action is correct.
Capping Quality:
Capping adopts magnetic constant moment to screw cap. The screwing cap moment is adjustable steplessly to reduce cap damaging and the seal is tightly.
Operation is reliable. It adopts PLC programmable control and it has high automation level.
1.It adopts frequency controller to govern steplessly. The speed adjustment is very convenient.
2.It has safe and reliable auto filling system. No-Bottle no-opening valve safe device makes filled liquid no lose.
3.The liquid level of the floating ball is installed to control correctly the liquid height in the filling cylinder to make the filling valve work steadily.
4.It has auto-stop protection while bottle is blocked and start wheel displaces. Once a bottle is dropped and the driving wheel is blocked to make the star wheel
displaces, the machine will auto stops at once to avoid the machine damaging.
The run is steady: The design of the bottle chain and material ensure steady supplement of bottles. The start wheel and bottle guide plate are made of stainless
steel and engineering plastic product to ensure bottle steady moving at high speed.

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