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To package pure water in an bag. It is the cheapest convenient package water way. The bag water usually sell at USD0.06 in a lot Africa Country. And most people can affordable.

For filler and package, It also cost less machine than bottle water. The sachet filling machine also cheap and easy. The bag film also cheap.

Sachet filling machine

Normal type USD 1500

With Photocell monitoring type USD 2100

What is bagged water business?

The water is cheap, but package way costly. There are two mainly package well in the world. Bottle and bag. Bottle water is more beauty and convenient but price is higher than bag water. An lot developing Countries insufficient economic capacity. Those Countries people also need clean water when traveling or outside. So that bag water being accepted and love by them.

Why start sachet water business?

Only affordable way to package water in poorer countries.
Can be very profitable; especially in large volume.
Can have printed bags.
The rolls plastic can be shipped at a very low cost vs. bottles
Much better use of plant space as the units are compact.
More environmentally friendly do to less plastic than bottles
Much lower cost to set up plant for bagging vs. bottles.
Street sellers will sell to create jobs.

One set sachet filing machine factory can produce 16000bags per hours shift. One bag water cost is USD 0.01. If selling one bag water at USD 0.06. It will profit USD900 per day. And one month can profit USD 27000.

How to start sachet water bussiness? 4-step

1. Factory and electricity

You can start it at living house or factory. Both living electricity and industry eletricity is ok. But sachet filling machine need at least 4kw power. The industry 3phase voltage is better choice.

Also, a lot factory choise diesel generator power supply eletricity.

2.Got pure water

The reverse osmosis water treatment machine is the best choice. It supply the complete pure water. And add some ozone into the water. Then the bag water quality can 100% make sure. And no any harm for human being. Technology is simpe and stable.

3. Bagged water

Sachet filling and sealing machine. Connect the inlet of the sachet filling machine with pure water tank. Then the pump will auto supply pure water. It will auto filler pure water into bag and sealing at the same time. So finally fast and easy got bagged water continued.

It can produce 2000bags water per hour

4. Got bag film materials

Bag film width is 240mm or 320mm. Mostly is 320mm. So that final got an 15cm* long bag water. The long can be setting by the sachet filling machine. So that can produce different volume bag water. 200ml-500ml bag water is most popular.