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Water Filling Machine for Sales

Neptune machine company sales differen type water filling machine for small bottle water (200ml-2000ml) and big bottle water (3liter to 25liter).

200ml-2000ml Bottle Water Filling Machine

Two type optional

3-in-1 bottle water filling machine for small bottle

It included rinser, filler and capper three part in one machine. It is an monobloackwater filling machine.

Capacity: 2000BPH , 4000BPH, 6000BPH, 10000BPH type

Budget $13000 to $ 35000

Straight line type bottle water filling machine for small bottle

Mini bottle water bottling machine automatic accomplish whole process from washing, negative pressure, filling, settle cap, buckle cap till screw cap.

Budget $9000

3-10Liter Bottled Water Filling Machine

3-10Liter Bottle Water Filling Machine can be used to fill all kinds of 3L,4L,5L,6L,7L,8L,8L,9L,10L bottled water, It collects washing, filling and capping together.

3 to 5 Gallon Bottled Water Filling Machine

It is the main water bottling machine of 5 gallon water bottling plant. But it also can be one mini bottled water station for start 5 gallon water business in small city or town.

It collect push wshing, filling and capping in one machine. The push washing have 4 station, pure water washing, NaOH washing, city water washing and purified water washing.

Budget $2500-$7770

Bag Water Filling Machine

Sachet Water Filling Machine or named pouch filling machine is widely used for package water into plastic bag.

Sachet filling machine is the most easy water business machine. It only need one machine . Do not like bottled water which need a lot machine.

Budget $1500-$2100