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What is sachet water filling machine?

Sachet Water Filling Machine or named pouch filling machine is widely used for package water into plastic bag.

It make use of a single layer o f PE film as packaging materials.

Sachet filling machine is the most easy water business machine. It only need one machine . Do not like bottled water which need a lot machine.

It can forming the film into bag and filled water in to the bag at the same time . Once finished then can got an final bag water product.

The functions of bag water filling machine

1. Bag (sachet ) forming
2. UV sterilization
3. Bag Sealing
4. Date mark
5. Bag traction
6. Water Filling
7. Bag cutting
8. Automatic counting

Technical Parameters

Water Pouch Packing Machine Capacity of Production: 1500~2200B/H
Pouch Packing Machine Packing Volume: 100~600ml ( More big need specilly order)
Filling precision: ±1%
Bag PE Film width: 240mm or 320mm (optional or choose others)
Motor power: Singel phrase, Three phrases 1.1KW
Vertical hot seal: 0.3KW;
Horizontal hot seal: 0.5KW
UV sterilizer lamp: 1.5KW
Power supply: AC220V/Hz or AC380V(three phrases)
The weight of the Sachet Water Packing Machine: 360kg
Normal Type Sachet Filling Machine Dimension(L×W×H): 750*700*1700mm
Pouch Filling Machines With photocell monitoring type Dimension(L×W×H): 750*700*1700mm

Easy start bag water business

The most easy water business, just need an sachet filling machine.

Sachet filling machine is the most easy water business machine. It only need one machine . Do not like bottled water which need a lot machine machine.

It can forming the film into bag and filled water in to the bag at the same time . Once finished then can got an final bag water product. You can start bag pure water business with one sachet filling machine in your house.

Invest feedback in Sachet water, Bagged Water, Pouch Water business
PROFIT $100,000
  • Bag water materials $0.01
  • Bag water sales $0.02-0.10
  • Capacity 5Million psc per year

It is the most simple and easy way to start bag water business. Everything can printing well at the film, when forming bag water, everything like company information and water information is well show outside of the bag water.

1kg film can produce 500psc bag water . And 1kg film cost $3. Average bag water cost $0.006. So that one bag water sell at $0.02 which can still have big profit . Because one day can produce 20000psc bag water with one machine . One machine just cost $1500-2100.

One day can profit $0.014*20000psc=$280 . One year at least profit $84000

Because of big water company only aim big city and big Country. It is have a lot chance and room in some area which lack safe drinking water. And produce pure bag water is the most safe water in the world.

Because of the bag water cost is very low, so that most people can easily paid it and will buy. And good quality sachet water can save a lot life and keep people health. Only an small invest in the bag filling machine and water purification machine, but finally will got about $84000 profit per year.

How does an sachet filling machine work?

The back of the sachet filling machine’s box can hold an roll film. Worker can put an roll film about 30kg in it.

Then pump will automatic filler water into the bag whle the forming unit forming the film into an bag.

Then the knife will automatic cut and heating sealing the bag film.

The machine is the most simple and smart filling machine in the world. It made use of the film three features and working almost at same time.

Start bag pure water business with lowest cost in the world. Cost about $1500-$2200 to owner an sachet filling machine. It is an mature machine.

Bag design

The materials is bag film. You buy it one roll 30kg from supplier. Every roll is continued and it must cutting by the sachet filling machine.

Neptune pouch filling machine will forming the film into bag while filler pure water into the bag.

Forming bag, cutting film and seal, filler water, all done almost at the same time.

An bag film design must have:

  1. Sealing room
  2. Cycle picture
  3. Brand and Advertising slogan
  4. Bag volume and water composition table

Our sachet filling machine use bag film must 320mm width one roll. So the every bag design much be 320mm width. It mainly included 5part. 2part 10mm sealing part for forming waste. And middle part is the main design of the bag water. Also it is the front side of the bag water.Then another two part will sealing into the back side of the bag water.

The final product bag water one width is fixed at 150mm.

And long can be adjust from 40mm to 2000mm depend on used inquiry.

Video of bag filling machine producing in manafacturer

Produce sachet water filling machine in our factory video

Mature machine over 20years.

Testing sachet filling machine Video

Testing pouch water filling machine in our factory video

Good quality sachet filling machine

Package of the sachet water machine

Plywood case package

Sachet water machine will use Plywood package before shipment. Plywood do not need fumigation so that made it easy for import process because a lot Country have policy to prevent invasive insects.

How to drink a sachet / pouch product?

Sachet / pouches may be torn open from the corner and poured or a provided straw may be inserted into the sachet / pouch.

Where can I find the source of consumables, say PE film?

To save shipping freight, we would recommend our customers to find the PE film locally, but we also offer PE film including printing at a competitive price.

If you are interesting in the bag water business, we can offer an total solution including the water treatment machine and sache filling machine, packaging plastic materials and film design.

How to operate sachet water machine


  • 1.Load the roll film on the film hold on the back
  • 2.Pass film ( Made the begin of the film go pass through 3psc transition stick, until it reach the stereotype board)
  • 3.Open the splint of film plate, made the film go through the stereotype board. Stereotype the film and closed the film plate.
  • 4.Tidy and Straighten the film
  • 5.Open the Three-way valve
  • 6.Turn on the power, setting the temperature, Open the kill-bacterias light , so that machine go into pre-heating condition。
  • 7.Start the machine. check the goods is beauty and leak.


How is this machine power and voltage ?

It is use house use voltage, 1phase. Most usually voltage is 220/1phase or 110/1phase. You need tell us your voltage so that we can set the machine voltage well in factory.
Power inquiry 3.5kw

What volume sachet water can this machine do?

It can do standard 100ml to 600ml sachet water. If more big bag volume inquiry, there need special order big type sachet water machine.

What this machine capacity of production?

2000 bags per hour depend on 500ml bag water.

What is the delivery time?

7days for produced the order and package well waiting for ship.
Ship freight cost how long depend on ship speed and distance

How is the shipment freight?

We will respossible all China freight and delivery. And help you shipment. Customer need tell us your seaport name. We will check the shipment cost with ship. Usually 1 set machine shipment cost USD100-950 different depend on ship.